Grinding powder
Health care & healthy
Health traditional Chinese medicinal materials grinding into powder, absorption effect is better, more suitable for people to absorb
Wear pearl powder
Home-made Whitening Mask
Promotes the skin blood circulation, to eliminate the pale spot and blain to imprint have very good effect. Can refine the skin wrinkles, make skin more healthy
Using ultra-high speed fine motor and high-grade bearing, structure compact, low noise, has small volume, convenient operation, with delicate, medicinal herbs lossless, no dust do not vibrate at work, save electricity safety!

Yongkang Tianqi Shengshi Industry and Trade CO.,LTD., headquartered in Yongkang, Zhejiang, the famous hardware capital of China, Yongkang Tianqi Shengshi Industry and Trade CO., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, is a large-sized integrated export-oriented company by packing of R&D, production and sales of household stainless steel food grinder, herb grinder, powder machine.

Multi-function crusher advantages
1. Mechanical automatic feed: convenient operation, high production efficiency.2. Stable work: drum, continuou ...more
Multi-function crusher features
This product design is reasonable, manufacturing quality and reliable, has a simple structure, convenient oper ...more
The working principle of
The machine working principle is through the materials into the crushing chamber, in the activities of the hig ...more
※ Tianqi Product
Tianqi Product / HC-150
Tianqi Product / HC-250
Tianqi Product / HC-300Y
Tianqi Product / HC-350
Tianqi Product / HC-400Y

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