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The development of ultrafine pulverizer market space
At present, the development and use of the Chinese market and Ultrafine Classifier mill and non metallic minerals industry is inseparable, it is based on the background of the development of non coal mine, the development space of development and market of our country and Ultrafine Classifier mill.
1 of China's current situation of non metallic minerals industry
According to statistics, in 2004 China's major non metallic mineral products production amounted to about 80000000 of T in 2005, up to about 1039440000 T, there are a lot of production is not fully included in the statistics.
The heavy calcium carbonate, kaolin, gypsum is still the focus of non metallic minerals industry. The prospects for the development of silicon industry very attractive, so since 2004, quartz and silicon powder are concerned, the scientific research and production has made a lot of achievements, domestic trade and export trade has increased by a wide margin.
At present, non metallic mineral industry in China has a considerable scale, output and export volume growth trend. However, due to the quality and grade of the products is not high, can not meet the requirement of modern high and new technology and new material industry development requirements, many non metallic minerals deep processing products have to rely on imports, such as graphite, bentonite, mica, talc, kaolin, quartz sand and high quality silicon powder and so on. For example, in 2005 the average import price is silica sand
33.36 times the price of exports, imports amounted to 48460t, the average import price of quartz is the export price of 6 times, the import volume is 4014t, that the domestic high profile glass raw materials and electronic grade spherical silica powder is still dependent on imports.
In summary, metal ore and in the past than has the following characteristics: China's progress, but there are many deficiencies, many stalls, mineral resources, market demand, low level of technology, repeated construction, small scale of enterprises, R & D, production is slow, the national investment can promote the rapid development of enterprises. To realize this point, can be very good understanding of the development of Super Micro Mill and classifier.
Preparation of ultrafine powder of 2
Simple 2.1 non metallic minerals deep processing
Non metallic minerals are white white mineral, mineral processing is the most basic requirement is to protect its whiteness, and can further increase the whiteness; the second is to protect the graphite flake; third is to protect a lot of fibrous minerals mineral fiber. In a word to choose the proper processing conditions according to the mineral characteristics of deep processing of metal minerals, namely for mineral producing area environment, mineral characteristics, requirements of deep processing products, choose a different process flow Process.
2.2 non-metallic mineral super fine purpose
So far, there is no statutory scale worldwide to define the concept of ultra-fine, ultra two. Compared with 20 years ago, the powder industry recognized scale is 0.3 m for superfine powder, 0.3 ~ 10 m referred to as superfine powder.
2.2.1 give full play to the effect of small particles
The superfine powder (fine) will be the quantum size effect, small size effect, surface effect and the macroscopic quantum tunnel effect brought about, so give full play to the effect of non metallic minerals of natural nano materials such as graphite, kaolin, zeolite, attapulgite, sepiolite clay, bentonite, Rectorite Clay, vermiculite, diatomite and perlite and synthesis of non metallic mineral nano materials such as nano calcium carbonate, nano TiO2, nano SiO2, carbon black is the basic purpose of superfine powder.
2.2.2 first high purified ultra refinement
The high purification can fully reflect the characteristics of the material itself, many products have high purity can not reflect its value. The purification of SiO2, in 2003 the author searched domestic manufacturers, no one can produce SiO2 reached 99.99% of the products, and now can not say that there is the results of laboratory practice production. The 99.99%SiO2 import prices of up to 150000 yuan /t, 99.999%ZrO2 price of ordinary resistance
ZrO2 more than 300 times with a fire materials. With purity, be possible to talk about super detailed. 20 years ago, the object of study of ultra fine powder material is more than 3 m powder, the object of study 10 years ago is more than 1 M materials, and has several years of super fine powder material progress to the nanometer level. As the particle size becomes smaller, the material itself will be more worthy of development characteristics.
The function of 2.2.3 and composite materials
The function of non mineral material and composite material properties is the pursuit of results, but also the development of high and new technology demand for material. With the development of science and technology, functional materials will be more and more big.
The relationship between 2.2.4 and the special requirements of the fine
To fine powder material to the particle size, particle size distribution, particle shape, surface area, pore size, crystal phase, Kong Rong, conductivity, magnetic, optical absorption properties of a series of rate, the rate of light. The powder of different uses, for example, are commonly used in SiO2 packaging material, particles of different shapes (angular powder and spherical powder), the result is completely encapsulated two; product size distribution is different, the difference between the number of packages.
3 of China's Super Micro Mill and classifier development
3.1 of our country and current situation of the development of Superfine Classifier
The ultrafine grinding technology research began in the 60's of last century, to the 80's in the introduction, digestion and absorption, as well as the development of a series of operations to produce a finger mill, tower mill, grinding and other early, until the mid 90's, China has basically formed the production sequence of ultrafine mill himself, but Superfine Classifier because it involves the study of fluid mechanics, some difficulty, so at the time of the study and development of less.
Superfine mill at present our country appears on the market are: jet mill and stirred mill, high speed impact mechanical crusher, vibration mill, Raymond mill, improved roller grinding and centrifugal hoop roller mill and colloid mill, sand mill, planetary ball mill. Turbo air classifier: centrifugal separator, centrifugal separator, horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, small diameter hydrocyclone group etc..
In summary the present development situation of our country and Ultrafine Classifier mill: A. domestic and world setting models at the same level, the production has been finalized abroad, our country basic; B. some models than abroad and progress, such as the improved ray cast grinding, crushing down (with knife head) modified ACM hammer mill, new force field GYM Yifeng mill; C. due to China's overall superfine powder technology research and equipment development of the advanced countries than later, so the equipment development started late, weak foundation, low starting point, and the overall level of manufacturing enterprises, compared with foreign countries there is a gap between the domestic D. equipment; there is no uniform standard (regardless of industry, or the country), production equipment free to name, name is not unified.
Progress in research on the theory of 3.2 superfine grinding
China's crushing of theoretical research and practical production have a certain gap, at present a lot of people in the interpretation of the theory of ultrafine crushing is still in use in three high - Schuhmann theory and particle size of the product, the characteristic equation of Tanaka Dao surface theory, Gaba Love's ultimate crushing energy consumption, these theories have shortcomings and limitations in to a certain extent. A. three famous comminution theory has its own scope of application, from the point of view of practical use, there is a certain one sidedness. Different grinding energy, different B. particle size need practice has proved, the smaller the particle material, the higher strength, crushing operations more difficult, more energy consumption, the power consumption model of three pieces of doctrine not shown. The grinding fineness of C. material is limited, can not be unlimited crushed down, actually mill input must be able to overcome the cohesion of the crushed material of the degree of crushing occurs. The grinding process is very complex, and there is an open system of material and energy exchange is a stable transition to the mutation process, grinding process is also accompanied by sound, heat and other energy consumption, power consumption equation and to establish a complete system of crushing material crushing needs theoretical basis of multi-disciplinary research. Through this research, the author thinks that can remind shredder developers pay attention to the following two points: one is the development of fine material crushing equipment is different from the coarse crushing equipment; two is the development of super micro mill should be multi force field.

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